For nearly 20 years, Coleman Data Solutions has provided our partners with cost-effective and compliant data conversion and document management solutions. As we navigated through each objective, we armed ourselves with a clear understanding of our partner’s needs. We then researched and developed key strategies to provide our partner with the tools necessary to facilitate a streamlined data conversion and document management end deliverable, based on their individual requirements.

Our old location

Our organization allocated the resources, financial and physical, to provide continuous education to our staff and secured proven technological advances to remain abreast of the ever changing trends in our industry. The end result has been increased productivity, profitability, and higher customer satisfaction for our partners.

In addition, through Coleman Professional Services, our parent company, job training has been provided for individuals with disabilities in the areas of Data Entry and Office Technology. This program has had great success in the areas of student retention (95%) and post-training job placement (96%) that removed 50 individuals from the welfare system in the year 2000 alone.

Our current location

With nearly $7 million dollars in annual sales in 2006, our organization will continue to grow exponentially. We will continue to seek solutions to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.