Data Conversion Services

Who would need data conversion services? Since data conversion means simply, to change data from one form to another, anyone that wishes to optimize their data could find it useful.

There are many data storage formats and all have information that accumulates in them over time, yet they remain cut off from actionable business processes. These formats include the older disc formats and tape drives, along with many different newer electronic file formats. As the technology changes and all of this data is still in there but in separate files, data conversion services have become a tool to extract and re-format the data. We can read and convert any digital format, in addition to paper records, into the desired usable format.

Data conversion services can involve both human and technological input. The human factor involves having data input, edited, and/or verified by qualified personnel. The source data can come directly from paper documents or electronic images of those documents.

Data Conversion Services at CDS

Our high speed document scanners with OCR/ICR/OMR capability allow images to be created from the source data. We invest in the latest technology to ensure maximum flexibility for our customers, while providing quality and affordability. The imaged files that have been scanned from your source data are then put into our system, whereupon human operators can work with the data as a result. Although for some data conversion projects, the imaging step is not necessary, for many this is the first part of the data conversion process. The human entry work upon those images is then the next step.

All of this change upon the original data source has, as its goal, to get your information into the desired actionable output – where it can be useful to your organization.

Prime Uses for Data Conversion Services

Data conversion has, as its goal, to convert islanded data in such a way as to be actionable and interact with other parts of your organization, in turn adding value. This converted data is used to make decisions, increase efficiency, and complete business processes. Some of the main uses of data conversion services include:

  • Marketing – forms such as loyalty cards, rain checks, contests, surveys, and product registrations, contain the type of data useful to marketers
  • Customer Service – feedback forms and/or surveys help improve products or services, which add to customer satisfaction
  • Non-Profit or Political Organizations – records of contributions for regulatory and contact purposes
  • Governmental Entities – Outsourcing certain business processes such as payment processing, which involves converting paper and/or electronic data, which is then acted upon and processed

While these are general themes underlying the demand for data conversion services, all clients’ projects are unique. Whether your data project originates from paper/image or both, Coleman Data has met the conversion needs of a wide variety of clients since 1987. Here are some of our data entry and conversion project examples.