Survey Data Entry

Enhance the accessibility and utility of your organization’s survey findings through our strategic data entry services. This specialized form of data entry converts your hard copy survey findings into a rich, versatile database developed by our IT and data entry specialists. Marketing companies, research and development firms, and publishers have all used this customized, electronic database of survey data to improve and expand their analytic capabilities.

Why use digital survey databases?

  • Expand Analytic Capabilities: By centralizing and digitizing your organization’s survey data, your research team can access more information and use the digital data to interface with advanced analysis software.
  • Ensure the Integrity of Data: Our extensive key verification and editing procedures eliminate redundant or inaccurate data, increasing the value and improving the purity of your survey information.
  • Improve Efficiency: Centralized, digital survey databases reduce time spent retrieving and reviewing hard copy surveys, accelerating the analysis of your organization’s research project.

If you’re your organization would like to enhance the utility of your survey and research findings,please contact Coleman Data Solutions today.