Healthcare Document Imaging

The benefits in utilizing healthcare document imaging are many. There are tangible gains immediately upon digitizing healthcare documents, in addition to ones gained over time – further down the road.

Electronic Medical Charting | Paper Charting vs Electronic Charting

How much time is wasted with human resources locating and gathering paper medical charts? Conversion of paper records to electronic medical charting through imaging allows all of a patient’s history to be retrieved and viewed quickly. Coleman Data Solutions images complete patient charts (all paper based documents) and converts them to electronic medical charts. By imaging these healthcare documents, possibly the greatest advantage of all allows for instant flexible retrieval.

  • Flexible retrieval at your fingertips – no more rifling through paper files by staff and walking back and forth, along with delays caused my misplaced or hard to locate healthcare records. This greatly simplifies information gathering.
  • Large reduction in storage space – healthcare document imaging serves as a replacement for your paper filing system and frees up space previously used for medical records storage.
  • In addition, storage is more secure. Having a hosted backup off-site of your electronic patient information allows easy disaster recovery. There are no delays or scenarios where you are shut off from your critical information. If one area goes down, you can retrieve your records with the other.
  • Organization – whether you currently have an existing document management system or add one and incorporate your healthcare documents in image form along side it, the organizational capabilities are far beyond paper records. The latter forces you to be at the mercy of their physical location(s). In contrast, you control the where, when, and how of your electronic medical charting in relation to retrieval, storage, and security.

With CDS’ document imaging solutions for healthcare records, there is no need to research scanning equipment, purchasing a myriad of scanning tools that allows quality imaging of different types of documents. We have vast experience and specialized scanning equipment to image any type of document and to output your digitized healthcare images in whatever format you choose.

We can incorporate them with your existing document management systems – purely converting your paper documents to electronic medical charts, or suggest and incorporate a document management solution for you. We offer a hosted solution for your images along with daily pick up (your paper) and drop off (your electronic medical chart images) – the time frame is your choosing.

Healthcare Document Imaging – The EHR transition piece that works

Wherever you are in the process of electronic medical records conversion, healthcare document imaging is a large piece of the process. It is really the first step. And while there are many issues involving new regulations and incentives in going paperless, a lot of the technology needs to be worked out yet. Healthcare document imaging works well right now. Contact us today and we will freely consult with you to find a customized imaging solution that works.