Large Documents

Large Drawings

In addition to large volumes of documents, large document sizes can be managed through a scanning and indexing solution. Some benefits of large document scanning and indexing include:

  • Time Savings: Increase efficiency and lower search time through electronic document storage and retrieval
  • Cost Savings: Reduced costs in storing your large documents. Electronic archiving of oversized documents is a great space saver which equals less storage expenses
  • Document Preservation: Paper documents must be protected from many elements to prevent deterioration. Age also has an impact. Eliminate the difficulty and expense of preserving your documents by changing the storage medium. An electronic scanning and indexing solution is a system for long term document preservation – in addition to any other time frame.

What kind of large documents can be scanned?

Many industries utilize oversized documents – engineering, architecture, government agencies. Just about any oversized or wide format document can be imaged by professional scanning services. Sizes range from letter and legal to ARCH A-E and ANSI A-E. The largest end of the E paper dimensions are ARCH E at 36 x 48 inches and ANSI E at 34 x 44 inches. Types of large documents that fall in this range and can be imaged include blueprints, maps, plans, and engineering drawings.

Scanning Equipment Features

OCR/Optical Character Recognition
ICR/Intelligent Character Recognition
OMR/Optical Mark Recognition
Color or Black & White

Digital output forms of your large documents include your choice of different image formats, indexes, and/or integration with your existing document management system(s). GIS integration of your data is also available.

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