Cloud Services SaaS

The SaaS in Cloud Services SaaS is an acronym that stands for Software as a Service

What this means is that the software that one uses is accessed over the internet instead of in house. It is also known as cloud services. Sometimes it is also called a web based, hosted document management solution.

Cloud Services SaaS

The functional advantages of using cloud services SaaS is that you have no software to install in house, while not having to bother with maintenance and upgrading. You go through a provider – usually a data management service provider, to access your information in the cloud by way of their software. The provider either hosts or purchases cloud services/space as part of their records and file management solutions. Along with the added/easier functionality, there are also cost savings involved by utilizing cloud storage services to manage your files.

Costs of Cloud Services

Cloud based document management costs then follow a different pricing model than if you purchased one for use in house. You pay a monthly fee to access the service. There are different price plans, usually based on the number of concurrent authorized users set up for the account each month, and/or electronic storage needs. This is much less expensive than the cost of the entire software licensing up front.

The pricing for cloud document solutions can be looked at as the customer still paying for the licensing of the software, but over time through a monthly subscription payment. This has its advantages, not only with much less up front costs, but the ability to change in the future and not be out the capital money for investing in the whole ball of wax from day one. You can change on the fly, even to a new software provider if necessary one that also utilizes the cloud. Therefore, using cloud services can save money down the line, as your business needs change.

The Software

The document management software that you go with is exactly the same, whether purchased all at once and used in house or as a SaaS in the cloud. The only considerations in looking for a cloud solution then are:

  • Be certain the document management provider offers cloud access. Look for:
    • ‘cloud based document management solutions’
    • ‘cloud based document storage’
    • ‘web based document management’
  • If they do not offer it up front, request the provider offer a demo, to be certain the software is a good match for your document management needs.

Cloud Based Solutions/SaaS and Security

Some organizations may need unique/additional security features in place to utilize cloud-based services, due to compliance requirements. In this type of instance, the solution will not work unless these requirements are met, and it can be difficult to sort through all of the information in finding the right match.

An example of one that provides these features is AWS (Amazon Web Services), who is a very large provider of the hardware and management thereof that makes cloud storage and document management solutions possible. To get an idea of what this entails, visit the AWS security page and take a look at their built-in security features.

For the majority of potential users of cloud services, these extra requirements are not necessary. However – if you choose a solution that includes them, you will likely never have to worry about security issues.

In addition, look for a solution that offers role based security features. This is where you can set user roles and corresponding access limits based on these roles.

If you have any questions about cloud services and/or you are exploring moving to a web based document storage or document management system, contact us and we will be happy to help. If you instead would like additional information on what we view as one of the best professional document management solutions that is cloud based, look over our brochure for Docunym. As noted before, this the type of provider that offers software in your own setting in entirety, or on demand through the cloud. Their document management software has been deployed in many industries, with a variety of different needs.