Paper Plus – Medicaid Claims Submission

As of March, 2013, ODJFS changed their medicaid claims submission process. Before this time (since 1995), Coleman Data Solutions was the processor for these claims, accepting them through PO Box 7965 Akron, OH 44306. After the change in March, this PO Box in Akron can no longer accept your paper claims. They will be returned to sender and not be paid. Some providers are not ready for electronic medicaid claims submission, while others are not mandated to go electronic.

Coleman Data Solutions is a certified Ohio Medicaid EDI trading partner and authorized by ODJFS to continue to offer medicaid paper claims submission. Paper+ is a service we offer providers that continue to utilize Ohio medicaid paper claims. Our service can be used as either a primary paper based solution or backup to your electronic system. Providers can submit medicaid claims to us via fax or mail.

Medicaid Claims Submission

Effective March 1, 2013, medicaid providers have the following options for medicaid claims submission:

  • purchase and learn medical billing software
  • use the Ohio Medicaid MITS system
  • work with a medicaid EDI claims processing partner
  • continue to submit your paper claims in the usual manner – through Paper+

Paper+ Medicaid Claims Submission and Processing

Paper+: submission of your medicaid claims via mail or fax, processing, then EDI submission to the Ohio Medicaid MITS system.

Pricing for Ohio Medicaid Paper Plus includes three single NPI plans to choose from. A custom plan for multiple NPI and/or high volume claims processing is also available. Please contact us for a custom quote if you have >25 medicaid claims per month that need processed or, multiple NPI per billing location.

These are our three single NPI plans. *Enrollment fee covers custom workflows tailored to your claims and any existing EMR/EHR software, in addition to initial training and support. **Rejected claims are those that cannot be processed, and the paper claims are returned to you for correction.

Note: providers must be registered with ODJFS as a medicaid provider. If you are not currently but are interested in enrolling, complete the Ohio medicaid provider enrollment here