Lockbox Processing

Hire Coleman Data Solutions for your lockbox services. Our organization will key the information from a variety of remittance forms, efficiently verifying the accuracy of your receipt and accelerating the payment collection process. After keying the critical data, your organization will receive a full report of our remittance findings, providing you with a database of payment information and the key to more efficient collection services. Our lockbox processing services are performed in secure facilities, equipped with 24/7 video surveillance and alarm systems.

Why outsource your lockbox processing?

Increase Accuracy of Payments: Internal staff may overlook a discrepancy between a remittance form and customer collection. Our efficient lockbox staff uses advanced database technology to locate payment errors and verify the accuracy of entered data.

Accelerate Payment Collection: Our data entry staff performs highly focused, repetitive lockbox tasks, producing the most efficient and accurate remittance processing service available. Through their expedient remittance data entry, your organization will have quicker access to payment information, allowing you to initiate the collection process earlier.

Maximize Personnel Resources: Outsourcing your lockbox processing alleviates your internal staff from the cumbersome task of check and payment handling. Allow your employees to focus on your organization’s other priority projects and leave the check handling to Coleman Data Solutions.

If your organization could benefit from more productive personnel and a more accurate and expedient payment process, please call or write Coleman Data Solutions today.