Mailing Fulfillment, Payment and Processing

Mail Processing

Mailing Fulfillment

Coleman offers sorting, processing, and mailing fulfillment support as part of our mailroom services. Our mailroom staff can efficiently sort through returned mail for changed and inactive addresses, open your incoming mail to extract and organize forms for payment or documentation, and assemble mail pieces for delivery.

Why use mailroom services?

Expedite Document Processing: Our staff is trained to perform highly focused, repetitive mailroom tasks to execute the most effective mailroom services at the lowest cost. Efficient mailroom services accelerate the payment and documentation process, allowing you to improve your business practices and customer service capabilities.

Maximize Mailing Resources: By quickly identifying changed or inactive addresses on a customer mailing list, your organization will streamline deliveries and eliminate wasted, costly communication faster than ever.

Reduce Personnel Expenses: Outsourcing your mail processing needs to our specialized staff ensures the greatest possible efficiency and eliminates labor expenses for in-house mail sorting.

Experienced and Versatile

  • Coleman can process a variety of government documents including Medicaid/Medicare forms, JFS 6780 form, and tax returns.
  • Other mail processing experience includes, but is not limited to, documents such as CMS1500s, UB-04s, UB-92s, and dental forms.
  • Coleman’s highly focused, repetitive taskforce can extract, unfasten, and organize your incoming documents.
  • Coleman also offers mailing fulfillment support.

Coleman’s efficient mailroom services reduce personnel expenses, maximize your resources, and accelerate your payment and documentation processing. If your organization could benefit from the industry’s most effective mailroom processing, please contact us or call today.