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Turn piles of paper into accessible, categorized and searchable information. Save space and use your data to reduce costs and make stronger business decisions.
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Document Imaging and Scanning

We scan everything. Using OCR and OMR, we can read the machine and hand-printed content and categorize data for your use.

Document Management Solutions

Convert disjointed data to be integrated with your systems, including a customized solution just for you.

Data Entry Services

We convert your forms and documents into sales leads, invoices, records, marketing, compliance support and more.

Remittance Processing

Our process includes opening, collecting, scanning, keying, payment processing and reporting – plus digitizing records for easy searching.

How We Work

Coleman Data Solutions helps clients determine why their data is valuable. Regardless of its condition we prepare it, scan and digitize the content. This gives our clients critical information that helps develop strategy, create efficiency and increase business growth. Plus we can shred and recycle your old records, complying with NAID Certified Standards.

Who We Serve. How We Help.

Don’t see your business listed?

Coleman Data Solutions works with a variety of businesses and organizations. Contact us to develop your custom solution.

Data Solutions

30+ Years in business

8 hour Turnaround time

Over 20 million Documents processed each year

Turn Your Paper Into Strategic Power

Are there benefits beyond just decluttering?

Many more – your digitized data becomes a powerful tool to improve decision making – even help you meet industry compliance.

Can my paper data be added to my new platform?

Yes. CDS is more than scanning. We organize data with key indicators that correlate between data points with your current platform.

How can scanning paper and collecting data build teamwork?

When different teams and departments quickly access the same data – their decisions all pull them in the same direction. That’s teamwork based on facts – giving them room for creativity.

Thinking about upgrading to digital document management?

Discover how we can organize and unlock this information so that it improves your organization.

Learn how you can turn your data into action.

Save time and reduce labor costs with lockbox remittance processing.

About Coleman Data Solutions

Coleman Data Solutions (CDS) is a not-for-profit company with a mission of hiring and training employees with disabilities. We serve clients across the United States, from small businesses to large corporate and government organizations. CDS currently works with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, meeting the demands of high quality and clearance standards for them and all industries we serve.

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What can you do with your backlog of paper and data? Coleman Data Solutions can organize and unlock the information so that it improves your performance and planning in your organization.

Coleman notices trends, understands our industry, and captures essential details about thousands of highly technical procedures. We’re constantly learning better ways to do our work based on the data Coleman captures for us. Coleman is a great partner for us.

Jason Smith

Founder & COO, Kermit

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