Content Management Integration

To achieve content management integration, it is sometimes necessary to add one or more pieces by way of customization. This may range from data entry services, to document imaging, up to a complete document management solution.

Content management is, after all, the ability to manage all of your unstructured information. Your information resides in documents, in whatever format, in your organization. The forms:

  • Paper documents that come in the mail or are created say, with Word or Excel
  • Email documents, video, audio or any computer generated documents

All of these documents support your business processes. They all add up to a sum that equals the source of the content, which makes all of your transactions possible.

Content Management Integration

Fact: Most content is not structured – in other words, most content is unmanaged, in pieces, and disorganized. The advantages of integration are many.

  • Time savings in being able to quickly locate information
  • Automated processes to capture customer communications
  • Less litigation costs in many cases – compliance issues can shutter an organization
  • Cutting out duplication – documents are often duplicated amongst different departments
  • Allows for much easier scalability of your business – the larger the volume of transactions and documents, the more value integrating it all brings

Customized data services allow an organization to integrate their various data formats into an enterprise content management system.

Imaging and Formats

Our data services can be output in many ways. A typical client looks for PDF, JPG, or TIFF. We can output your data to over 250 formats. We can also build custom databases, anything from a simple Excel database to a more complex XML sort of structure. In the latter case, the client can then import it and integrate it directly within their current system.

Content Management Integration Through Document Management Solutions

We work with a variety of software solutions, which allows us to offer the best match for our clients. We can work with any type of software you may already have. We also offer end-to-end complete document management solutions. One example is Idatix. This would be for the client that needs an advanced management and archiving solution, either now or in the future. This software solution has advanced tools such as redaction, for those that need this type of editing capability. We have also customized it to provide a hosted solution.

Custom Data Entry Services

In addition to decades of experience and an experienced workforce in this ream, we custom program our data entry software to suite your needs, while maximizing its efficiency. This means that our software is designed to minimize keystrokes, which leads to greater speed at a reduced cost. We can work with virtually any type of data you have and transform it in such a way to integrate fully with the rest of your business process and content management system.

Wherever you are at in the content management integration process, Coleman Data Solutions can help. Our services range from customizing separate pieces, all the way up to a complete solution.

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