Data Entry Services

Coleman Data Solutions applies highly proficient, knowledgeable data entry expertise.
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Data Entry with Proven Consistency

Since 1988, Coleman Data Solutions has provided data entry services to many industries with consistently high quality methods. Your data is always secure with Coleman. We adhere to all regulatory requirements, including HIPAA and PCI.

We understand each client’s project is unique. Whether your data originates from paper, image or both, Coleman Data Solutions will meet your conversion needs and deliver results that can improve your business and increase your profits.


  • Data entry (name/address/etc.)
  • Database creation
  • Database cleanup
  • Contact forms
  • Database cleanup/web scraping
  • Subscription applications
  • Loyalty card applications
  • Compliance forms
  • Tax collection forms
  • Remittances/lockbox processing
  • Claim forms
  • Customer satisfaction forms/feedback forms
  • Compliance forms, human resources forms, student records
  • Eligibility applications (loans, etc.)

Many more – just ask us how Coleman Data Solutions can help your business!

Industries Served by Coleman Data Solutions

Coleman understands how different the priorities can be for each individual industry. That’s why we study what’s important to you, your industry and your own organization’s goals.

Coleman Data serves satisfied clients in many industries and areas of expertise, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Publishing
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Fulfillment

At Coleman, your data is always managed by exceptional employees

At Coleman Data Solutions, we experience a low turnover rate. Our data entry operators average seven years experience. All Coleman data entry operators:

  • Meet minimum 98% accuracy – with optimum speed
  • Sign confidentiality agreements
  • Must be certified on the particular job before entering any data
  • Exhibit high technical proficiency

At Coleman, your project always passes quality assurance

  • Prep work includes repairing damaged documents – sorted and grouped – made ready for data entry
  • Data field validation/verification is performed
  • Edit checks are performed
  • Offline validation rules are applied
  • Rejected/no process handling of your forms
  • Work received is reconciled with work processed
  • Sample testing by a supervisor in accordance with ANSI/AIIM standard TR34-1996

At Coleman, your project is always captured with the best technology

  • For scanning/image processing – preprocessing edits and image quality checks
  • Data capture – real-time validation rules and database lookups
  • Data entry software that incorporates job work flow processes
  • BancTec SDS document scanner
  • Robust infrastructure

Coleman Data Solutions Conversion Services

Data conversion means to change data from one format to another. Older formats for storing company data include the outdated disc formats and tape drives. As technology changes, Coleman Data Solutions can partner with your business to extract the information from an outmoded form and re-format the info to make it easily accessible and useful.

Updating older data to a newer, more current format makes your information actionable. Data conversion helps you better understand your business, create more effective strategies and increase efficiency and profits.


Data conversion is particularly valuable to these specialty areas:

  • Marketing – forms such as loyalty cards, rain checks, contests, surveys, and product registrations, contain the type of data useful to marketers.
  • Customer Service – feedback forms and/or surveys help improve products or services, which add to customer satisfaction.
  • Non-Profit or Political Organizations – records of contributions for regulatory and contact purposes.
  • Governmental Entities – outsourcing certain business processes such as payment processing, which involves converting paper and/or electronic data, which is then acted upon and processed.

Coleman can read and convert any digital form into any desired standard industry format.



We listen and learn about what you do – and how documents and data are used by your organization. Only then can we recommend the most efficient and effective solutions that range from document imaging and scanning to remittance processing and other services. We will recommend only the services that make your organization more efficient and profitable.