Data Entry Costs

Investing in Data Entry

Coleman Helps Make your Investment in Data Entry Worthwhile

With more than 30 years of experience, Coleman Data Solutions understands all aspects of data entry project costing.

Coleman shares your goals to succeed. We are transparent and will explain the function of each item in our costing menu – with the promise to never propose a service that you don’t need. Coleman discussions with you of the following:

A Transparent, Informative Menu of Coleman Data Entry Cost Factors

Based upon your own business goals, we can partner to determine which of the following factors will be useful tools to grow your business.

How do you set a cost for my Work?

We will provide a detailed quote for your approval prior to your our beginning work on your project.

Why does pricing vary?

There are many specific factors that create the basis of data process pricing when imaging from paper files; the breadth of each function or service along with other factors, such as the support and technology that may be required for your particular business.

What is the source?

Where are we keying data from? Paper, electronic files or images?

How is data presented?

Handwritten or printed? Handwritten data takes more time for keying and/or verification. We have experts in converting handwritten data and we are based in the U.S.A.

Is the location of the data fields consistent?

Data field location may have an impact upon the time it takes to process your information. Each job is evaluated independently.

What is the data's original format?

Paper documents or forms may need more processing and cost more than purely electronic data.

If you would like disposal of your original records, storage or return shipment – We can arrange for that

NAID certified shredding , offsite storage of your original documents or even shipping your work back to you are all options.

Why get a quote from Coleman?

Here is the Coleman Data Solutions difference:

  • Coleman only takes a project after understanding your business needs and goals.
  • If needed, to understand your project and your business, we will train to learn your terminology and nuisances.
  • Confidentiality and privacy is expected and respected. We have the credentials to be trusted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and other clients with the highest demands for safety and security.
  • We are staffed to meet your needs. Round-the-clock shifts enable fast turnaround and processing for your business requirements.

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