Our Process for Document Conversion Services

Our Customer-Focused Process
Coleman combines processes, people and technology.

To convert documents to an electronic format, Coleman Data Services applies the highest standards quality and accuracy in our processes, people and technology. Together, these components make up the proven and tested workflow that can only be found at Coleman Data Solutions.

This transparent workflow may vary due to the personalized, custom solutions and partnership offered by Coleman to meet every client’s individual needs.

Workflow Process for a Conversion Project at Coleman Data Solutions

  • Document preparation
  • Document scanning
  • Quality control
  • Indexing and validation
  • Release of your digital documents
  • Delivery or destruction of materials as needed

Document Preparation

  • After an initial consultation, a strategic partnership is formed between Coleman Data Solutions and our clients.
  • Once the project goals are determined, the data conversion process begins.
  • It may start with our vehicle retrieving documents from your location and securely transporting them to our imaging location.
  • Your documents are then checked in to Coleman facilities and inventoried.
  • Documents are then prepared for scanning by following preset, customized job specifications.
  • Paper clips, staples, and any other objects that cannot be placed in our scanners, are removed from the documents. Document repair is also done when necessary.
  • All documents are arranged in a one-way direction and any additional notes attached to them are taped to blank sheets – so they can also be imaged.
  • The documents are then batched and taken to the imaging area.


  • Documents are imaged and verified.
  • Documents are indexed to enable them to later be retrieved electronically.
  • Based on the job specifications, automated and manual processes (data entry) are used for indexing, along with double key verification to ensure accuracy.
  • Once the conversion of your data is complete (imaging and indexing), the data is released to you in its finished form, in whichever format is desired.
  • Final files can be provided to you via secure FTP, email, your own CMS, on flash drive or other.
  • Your original documents will be returned to you or – at your request – destroyed. Coleman offers destruction services which are NAID certified, providing for secure destruction and handling of your data.

Time Frame For Project Completion

Depending on your requirements, your document conversion project can be completed within a day or spread out over a longer time frame.

To accommodate schedules, budgets and deadlines that may or may not be urgent, Coleman can complete your project over stages of time.

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