Microfilm Scanning

From Old Boxes to New Databases

Access Vintage Data from Microfilm

Microfilm was once a state-of-the-art data storage solution. Microfilm was used due to it being 1/25 the size of the paper documents they replaced. Now all those microfilm boxes just take up space. But they are too valuable to destroy and are often difficult to access – Coleman Data Solutions can offer a better alternative.

Coleman Data Solutions can scan and index all of those archived microfilm rolls. This will give you instant access to your organization’s data and history –making all the content into readable, searchable digital files.

What’s Valuable in Your Microfilm?

Many companies, libraries, universities, veterans’ agencies and other local, state and federal offices retain important records on microfilm. This includes financial, health, employment, tax, historical and other data.

Do you still access your microfilm and microfiche data?
Now you can save time – and storage space – once that data becomes digital and searchable. And if that valuable data is currently inaccessible to you – then Coleman Data will give you access to this valuable data resource.

Once Coleman scans, images and indexes your microfilm, this data will become actionable to everyone in your organization. This allows for a more simplified retrieval of the data, the ability to make better decisions and the ability to increase overall activity.

Coleman Scanners Capture Entire Roll of Microfilm Data in Minutes

Coleman imaging specialists can quickly transfer data from 16mm or 35mm film rolls or from microfiche into most electronic imaging formats, including PDF varieties and other standard formats.

Coleman Data uses microfilm scanners to meet or exceed true optical DPI requirements. This enables archivists, records managers and service bureaus to view data with the same or improved accuracy to the original media.

For utmost quality, Coleman Data microfilm scanning technology matches NARA and the Library of Congress preservation specifications.

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