Document Management and Compliance

Solutions to Meet Compliance Requirements

Retention, Retrieval, Auditing, Privacy

Document Management and Compliance

The services offered by Coleman Data Solutions provide reassurance to stakeholders who are responsible for document management compliance. Coleman Data Solutions makes it easy for you to meet any or all of the big four (RRAP) compliance themes: Retention, Retrieval, Auditing, Privacy.

Retaining Documents – Are You Well Organized?

It is required – often on both the federal and state level – that certain documentation be stored and accessible for a specific amount of time.

Document Retrieval – Can You Access Easily?

Businesses are responsible to make it possible for users with authorized access to retrieve their documents.

Auditing – Where are Your Financial Records?

Auditing. All types of financial records have regulatory requirements that must be complied with for auditing and review purposes.

Document Retrieval – Can You Access Easily?

Confidentiality regulations include HIPAA and FERPA – as well as human resources.

Coleman Data Solutions technology automates and manages your Retention, Retrieval, Auditing and Privacy needs.

Our program will enable you to:

  • Secure storage of documents in electronic format
  • Retain electronic documents in one (much smaller) location
  • Safely authorize access of your documents for searching and retrieving
  • Provide secure backup of your records and documents to preserve confidentiality as well as quick access

Coleman Data Systems Help You Update Your Records with Ease

Establishing a document management system that meets compliance is just the beginning. Document management and compliance requires a system to seamlessly update, change and expand your records.

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