Secure Document Storage and Destruction

Storing Secures Data and Saves Space. Certified Document Destruction.

Secure Document Storage

Coleman Data Solutions offers secure electronic and hard copy document storage plus the industry’s most secure, certified methods of document destruction after they have been digitized.

Digital Storage

Coleman offers electronic document storage. We leverage our premiere technology, equipment, and IT specialists to provide digital database management and maintenance. Through off-site electronic storage, your organization can easily access digital documents via a secure, online server without the hassle and expense of in-house server maintenance.

Off-Site Digital Storage

Buying the equipment necessary to support and maintain your electronic document database is expensive. Eliminate personnel and equipment expenses with the help of Coleman Data Solutions. Between the computer, hardware, IT training and payroll, your organization will incur a large, unnecessary expense. Instead, take advantage of Coleman’s existing, state-of-the-art database technology and certified data professionals. Your organization will have significantly fewer expenses and easy access to digital documents through a secure, online server.

Hard Copy Storage

Locked storage facilities protect the confidentiality of client data while hard copy documents are queued for scanning. Our secure document storage facilities include:

  • Locked storage rooms
  • 24/7 surveillance cameras
  • Activated alarm system – alerts first responders

Preserve Data from Loss

Storing files (digital or hard copy) in an off-site location mitigates the risk of losing valuable data to disasters or accidents. Give your organization the competitive advantage of secured documents and insured organizational information.

Certified Document Destruction

Coleman can shred and recycle your old records, complying with NAID Certified Standards. Clients receive copies of this certification to ensure destruction has occurred.

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