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Coleman Data Solutions helps schools digitize and organize school records for easy integration with third party information technology centers.
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Digitize Student Records

Schools constantly generate new records for all the students served who enroll, leave (and often return), and graduate. Schools also must meet other compliance requirements and store records for specific periods of time. 

The big question is – how long must you retain these records? School districts and states very often adhere to different retention requirements. When devising a records retention program you will have to adhere to the legal responsibilities of your jurisdiction.

One important factor you won’t have to worry about is storage – not when Coleman Data Solutions can turn rooms filled with filing cabinets into electronic files that can be stored on a safe, cloud- or server-based database and preserve all the records you want.


Keeping your records organized is essential. Without proper organization and easy access to the information, the time spent searching for requested information can be monumental.

Public education records are subject to open records requests and the school district is obligated to present the requested records.

At any time, any person can make a request for records. How much time and energy that takes is dependent upon how well you have organized your retained records.

The best solution to staying organized is to eliminate paper records. The benefit is more than just saved space. Coleman Data Solutions can scan and index all your records – including older digital data like microfilm – to an easily accessible, completely searchable database of records. Data Solutions will work with your existing document structure to allow for the searchability based upon your needs – easily find what you need by searching for student name, social security number, student number, dates, etc. 

You will be organized and save space – serving records requests faster than ever.


What happens to digitized records? Are they safe? Coleman Data Solutions ensures that all documents are protected. Whether they are old physical files or digital data, if they are being processed or stored by Coleman Data Solutions, they are protected in high clearance facilities that are so stringent that Coleman is entrusted with projects the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Set Up for Third Party

School Districts often partner with third-party organizations like ITCs (information technology centers). ITCs provide technology services and support to school districts – including storage and access to the individual district’s digital records.

Coleman Data Solutions works closely to comply with any ITC standards – ensuring a seamless transition turning your old paper and legacy digital files into state-of-the-art formats required by ITCs. 

Whether the records are used in employee kiosks, library shared services, student online registration vendors and other third-party vendors, schools can trust Coleman Data’s experience in understanding the required specifications as your records are processed into easily accessible and safely guarded digital files.

State Compliant – School Record Retention Schedule

Rules for records retention vary from state to state – even from district to district. Administrators know that one can spend a great deal of time trying to keep up with all the requirements of each jurisdiction.

Coleman Data partners with school districts to help them determine what each jurisdiction requires and how to scan and index the data to make the records quickly accessible – saving time and satisfying those who need their records.

Learn more about record retention policies for each state in the table below:

Archives Become Easily Accessible

Easy accessibility offers two major benefits. It saves space and time. Typically, Coleman Data meets with clients who have surrendered back rooms and warehouses to mountains of files and heavy cabinets. Even if records are well organized, they are cumbersome and often stored wherever they can – in different locations on the same premises.

Imagine if all that went away and the old document, microfilm and other records were carefully scanned, indexed (making them searchable) and stored – freeing up rooms for more useful purposes.
What happens to the old records? Once they are safely preserved digitally, Coleman can store confidential documents safely or with our paper shredding and document destruction services that meet all regulatory requirements.

Get Your School Records Organized

Coleman Data Solutions has experience working with many schools designing data solutions that meet their individual requirements. Contact us to learn about a custom solution tailored to your district that meets the needs of your staff and helps to eliminate one of your biggest challenges!



We listen and learn about what you do – and how documents and data are used by your organization. Only then can we recommend the most efficient and effective solutions that range from document imaging and scanning to remittance processing and other services. We will recommend only the services that make your organization more efficient and profitable.