The Coleman Document Scanning Process

Here’s how we transform your warehouse of old papers into new, useful data that can improve your organization’s compliance, collaboration, financial decision making and more.

About Coleman Data Solutions

Coleman Takes Any Data – Regardless of Condition and Format


No data shame

Other companies may expect orderly documents. Coleman Data Solutions is trained and experienced in tackling ANY amount of paper or digital information – regardless of disorganization and other conditions.


Large Documents Accepted

We can prepare documents of any size – large blueprints, maps, plans and drawings and more.


Expert Consultation

Coleman Data Solutions partners with you to see the value in all those boxes, cabinets and rooms filled with unsorted old legacy media disks, drives, microfilm rolls and more – whatever the condition.

We Retrieve All Materials – Fast Turnaround


We move it

Our vehicle fleet can physically retrieve all materials if needed. If your business is not within driving distance, we can manage the shipping.

Turnaround as Fast as 8 Hours

Fast turnaround includes 5 days for government documents – even daily, 8-hour turnaround for ongoing accounts.

Round the Clock Operations

Our three shifts include employees and facilities with top security clearance. That guarantees your materials are safe from start to finish.

Expert Analysis Makes Your Old Data Actionable


Find the Valuable Data

From old customer and employment records to last week’s invoices and receipts – we partner with you in critical business thinking to determine what information is valuable and why.


We Help You Strategize

Drilling down, we manually analyze the data, helping clients determine how specific data points and key indicators have strategic value.

Scanning, Storage and Disposal Takes Place



Coleman Data Solutions scans paper or electronic formats into JPEGs, TIFFs, PDFs and other common industry formats


Catalog All Data

Using OCR, ICR and OMR technology, we can detect and image a variety of document data, including handwritten forms and check marks. This data indexing that makes your data searchable and more actionable.


Coleman offers secure offsite storage options for both paper and electronic data.


We also shred, dispose or recycle paper to industry-specific regulations.

Old Data Becomes New, Actionable Information that Helps You Understand and Improve Your Organization


Increase Your Efficiency

Studies show that 30% of office time is spent searching for documents. Imaged documents increase efficiency. You can easily search and retrieve – with multiple employees able to access data at the same time.


Information Impacts Your Business

Customers can now find and use the data they need quickly – giving more detail and impact to sales results, forecasting, reports, performance and more!

Free Quote

What can you do with your backlog of paper and data? Coleman Data Solutions can organize and unlock the information so that it improves your performance and planning in your organization.

Coleman notices trends, understands our industry, and captures essential details about thousands of highly technical procedures. We’re constantly learning better ways to do our work based on the data Coleman captures for us. Coleman is a great partner for us.

Jason Smith

Founder & COO, Kermit

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