Remittance Processing

Millions Processed. Daily Reports. Dedicated Mailroom. Secure Storage.
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Save Time, Money and Labor

If you process thousands of monthly transactions – paper or digital – you’re the perfect candidate for Coleman remittance processing services and lockbox processing.

When your remittances reach this volume, processing becomes labor intensive. Save money, labor and acquire peace of mind with remittance processing services from Coleman Data Solutions.

Benefits include all records organized and stored digitally, plus:

Let Coleman Handle It

Do what you do best – let Coleman apply our expertise to remittance related processes.

Create Capacity In Your Team

Using Coleman will free up staff to focus on core business.

Eliminate Costs

Reduces training/labor costs for processing remittances.

Depend On Accuracy

Increase accuracy of payment posting.

Immediate Digital Access

Digitize records for instant access – no more bungling through paper batches.

Save Space. Save the Environment.

Reduce paper usage, equipment, and storage.


How experienced is Coleman in lockbox services used in utilities, taxes, medical and other industries? We have processed tens of millions of payments.

Daily Reports

Collection and processing – deposits, AR updating, and reporting, are completed daily. We are highly optimized for remittance processing, as our core business is data and document management solutions.

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What can you do with your backlog of paper and data? Coleman Data Solutions can organize and unlock the information so that it improves your performance and planning in your organization.

Coleman notices trends, understands our industry, and captures essential details about thousands of highly technical procedures. We’re constantly learning better ways to do our work based on the data Coleman captures for us. Coleman is a great partner for us.

Jason Smith

Founder & COO, Kermit

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