Mail Payment Processing

Complete sorting, processing, and mailing fulfillment support.
The Coleman Data Solutions staff is trained to perform highly focused, repetitive mailroom tasks to execute the most effective mailroom services at the lowest cost – including pickup and drop-off done by bonded drivers in company vehicles.


  • Efficient and quick processing
  • Project modeling to minimize movements
  • Secure environment for mail safety
  • Inactive address identification available
  • Government and medical document processing experience and expertise
  • 3D Mail assembly available
  • Workflow tracking to ensure accountability
  • Includes fulfillment supports and services

Speed Up Payment Process

Our mailroom staff can efficiently sort through returned mail for changed and inactive addresses, open your incoming mail to extract and organize forms for payment or documentation, and assemble mail pieces for delivery.

Coleman’s efficient mailroom services accelerate the payment and documentation process, allowing you to improve your business practices and customer service capabilities.

Streamline Deliveries.

Eliminate Waste.

By quickly identifying changed or inactive addresses on a customer mailing list, your organization will streamline deliveries and eliminate wasted, costly communication faster than ever.

Reduce Labor Costs

You can reduce – even eliminate – labor costs by eliminating in-house mail processes. Coleman Data Solutions’ staff is trained and certified in sorting, processing and mail fulfillment support. Bonus benefit: Time and money saved by outsourcing this mail processing reduces tedium and greatly frees up your own team to focus on their own tasks.

Coleman Processes Many Forms and Document Styles

Highly focused, repetitive task force can extract, unfasten, and organize your incoming documents – including a wide variety of forms and documents.

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