Give Us
Your Remittance Processing Tasks

Take Back
Your Time, Budget and Work Priorities

Free up your team to tackle more rewarding projects! Let Coleman take over remittance processing. No worries – we do it the way you want it done with a customized process that meets your approval and compliance requirements.

Let Us Handle Your Remittance Processing

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Do you process thousands of transactions?

Coleman offers 20+ years of secure remittance services and lockbox processing including mail payment process, data entry, record organization and digital storage.


You know the process – you just won’t have to do it anymore!

From opening the envelopes, matching up tax documents and payment, and preparing daily bank deposits – we manage ALL remittance tasks. This frees up your time, budget and staffing. How will you capitalize on your new options?

5 Reasons Why
Cities Trust Their Remittance Processing with Coleman

Personalization Starts NOW

Coleman will learn about your workflow and listen to your needs to create a custom solution tailored for your business.

Free Up Your Time

With 20+ years municipal experience, Coleman masters this labor intensive process – so you can reprioritize your time and energy to tackle bigger projects.

Payroll Savings

Coleman manages taxes, billing, fines – all remittances – eliminating busy season payroll spikes and other clerical personnel costs.

Good Cause, Great Workers

As a social enterprise business, our highly qualified employees include many with disabilities–now empowered by training.

High Clearance Security

Coleman facilities and employees meet high clearance security requirements. We are trusted by cities, companies and even the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security!

What we do

  • Open and sort daily mail, scan documents, key and verify data
  • Transmit tax returns with check processing
  • Backfile indexing and scanning tax return documents

  • Indexing and scanning retirement accounts and non-taxable returns

  • Prepare W3 Annual Reconciliation Form

  • Batch audit exception reports


What About Security?

Coleman understands your concern. Your residents’ privacy is at stake.

Only trained employees who have passed personal security clearance requirements can access your data and sensitive documents. Documents and checks are always kept under careful supervision. Coleman credentials include:

  • Vulnerability testing
  • SOC Certification
  • AICPA Certification
  • NIST Cyber Security Framework
  • NIST SP 800-53 Controls

What are your security concerns?

The Big Difference is that Coleman MAKES a Difference

We hire people with disabilities. What’s important though is that our employees receive thorough training, certification and are held to ultra-high standards required to process taxes, utility billing and other municipal remittances.

Work with a company with community in its mission

2020 is the Year of Change!

We all had made changes. Now – to catch up – you can make a change on your terms that increases efficiency and saves time.

How will you catch up on processing taxes, utility billing and other backlogged remittance forms?

Outsource it Coleman.

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