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What If All Those Crates of Old Files Just Disappeared – But The Data Was Just A Mouse Click Away? 

Why do we keep all these old files around? One reason is that everybody is busy enough without having the added (thankless) task of digging through boxes of information and sorting through file cabinets with old files and disks. If any task says “procrastinate” it’s this one.

But you can’t just discard all of this documentation either. Some of this information must be retained. There are many legal requirements and laws governing retention records for specified amounts of time.

There’s a solution that eliminates the physical clutter of accumulated boxes and cabinets filled with files, paperwork and other old technology such as computer disks, microfilm and microfiche – while retaining ALL of the information. 


Digitizing Your Files

The act of digitizing your files is more than just scanning them. Digitizing your files brings all that information back to life in a new way. All the information in those papers, files and even old software no longer used everyday, can be made valuable and accessible again.

Coleman Data Solutions can convert this information into a digital format that you use every day – JPEGS, TIFFs, PDFs and other common industry formats. 


Document Conversion

Coleman Data offers document conversion services that take the original file to new digital conversion.  With a combination of automatic scanning and personalized data entry, Coleman can convert countless documents into the highest quality, text-searchable, digital files. 

Document conversion turns these file cabinets filled with paper files and boxes into data that is instantly searchable and accessible to anyone in your organization who needs it. Learn more about ERM Data Conversion.


Large Documents

Many historic or legacy documents in businesses and organizations are large documents. Blueprints, maps, plans, engineering drawings. Coleman Data solutions regularly scans and indexes documents of larger sizes, ARCH A-E and ANSI A-E sizes and the largest end of the E paper dimension. 

Preserve the importance and value of these documents while saving space. Increase your accessibility to the details in these documents by having Coleman Data index the data – making this information accessible and searchable. 



We live in an age when technology evolves quickly. Just a few generations have passed since the breakthrough technology of space-saving microfilm and microfiche enabled us to store old newspapers, reports and files.

Many companies, libraries, universities, veterans’ agencies and other local, state and federal offices retain important records on microfilm. This includes financial, health, employment, tax, historical and other data.

Now most of those rolls of microfilm are collecting dust in boxes in storage rooms. Fewer and fewer people even understand how to work the microfilm and microfiche viewing machines.  So this technology, which contains rich and priceless legacy information, is siloed and inaccessible to the very people who need it.

Coleman imaging specialists can quickly transfer data from 16mm or 35mm microfilm rolls into most electronic imaging formats, including PDF varieties and other standard formats.


Document Management

In this information age, Document Management is a necessity. Without an orderly method of creating, processing and storing information – an organization will be overwhelmed by too much information. The warehouse filled with paper and cabinets willed with reports do not provide much value if it requires too much time to search and find the desired information.

The solution? Document scanning and imaging. Coleman Data Solutions will scan documents into a digital image that is preserved in an electronic file. Then everyone in your organization with permission can search, retrieve, email and find documents easily. Best of all, you decrease storage space needs.



What happens to all of your old documents. You can keep whatever you like, but Coleman Data Services can shred and recycle your old records, complying with NAID Certified Standards. Clients receive certification of destruction to ensure destruction has occurred.


High Security Facility

Coleman Data Solutions is fully-insured, offering secure handling of electronic and hard copy documents plus the industry’s most secure, certified methods of document destruction after they have been digitized. 

Our facilities are designed to preserve privacy and meet the high demands required by companies and governments at the city, state and federal level.  These secure facilities are accessible only by trained employees who have passed personal security clearance requirements.

These secured, private facilities –  along with the tested and credentialed employees – make Coleman Data Solutions trusted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other clients with demanding criteria for safety and security.


Your Files Are Safe with Coleman Data Solutions

Eliminate the need for storing old documents. Gain access to searchable data that once was previously inaccessible in warehouses, filing cabinets and storage rooms.

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