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Coleman’s mission is to help improve the lives of people we serve. This includes providing career opportunities for individuals with disabilities. That’s one reason why we operate Coleman Data Solutions (CDS). Approximately 75% of the CDS workforce has a documented disability. CDS is one of Coleman’s social enterprise businesses. Profits are directed toward the funding of Coleman’s award-winning behavioral health and rehabilitation services. 

About Coleman Data Solutions 

Companies everywhere have mountains of paper that are hard to access and organize. They have a wealth of information, but no way to access their data in a meaningful way. Coleman Data Solutions provides a variety of document management services to businesses looking to streamline their data processing and information management. Coleman helps businesses with: 

  • Secure Storage and Destruction
  • Data Entry Services and Indexing
  • Document Imaging and Scanning
  • Mail and Payment Processing
  • Information Lifecycle Management Consulting

The benefit to customers is more than just saved space. By digitizing and categorizing data, the information becomes accessible in a meaningful way. This helps businesses collaborate better, make sound financial decisions and meet compliance in their industries. 

Helping our customers is just the beginning. Coleman Data Services offers training, certification and solid, career-track jobs at good wages for many Coleman clients. From the people we employ to the companies we serve – Coleman Data Solutions is very proud to help fulfill the overall mission of Coleman Professional Services. 

New Leadership 

Scott Wiley came to Coleman Data Solutions as only its second chief officer in more than thirty years. 

“We run CDS like a business – which it is,” states Scott. Scott explains how this benefits the CDS workforce. “We’re here to make a profit and run a great business. That’s good for our employees. They participate in a real business with marketplace demands, financial goals and high standards.” 

How high are the standards? Based upon meeting high quality and clearance standards, CDS earned contracts with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

“That’s the ultimate confidence marker,” says Scott. “We tell customers that if we can meet the demands of Homeland Security, we can certainly keep their data safe.” 

A Viable, Competitive Business 

Under Scott’s leadership, CDS is committed to: 

  1. Engage their 100+ employees in understanding Coleman’s core values and how everyone involved is expected to be an advocate.
  2. Grow the business to secure CDS as a reliable source of FINANCIAL support for Coleman and employment for Coleman clients.
  3. Beef up their visibility and social media presence, especially on Linked In to make prospective customers aware of the value of CDS.

Your support of Coleman Data Solutions helps us generate profits directly to fund Coleman’s mission. 

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