US Based Data Entry Outsourcing Companies

Coleman Data Solutions is a data entry company in the US. While we are an outsourced solution, all of our employees live and work in the United States (Akron, OH). An important part of what we do is to employ over 150 local people to work in our data entry department.

There are many document management companies that outsource data entry overseas. This is fine and it can sometimes save some money. However, outsourcing does not have to mean off shoring – having the work done outside of the US. There are some big advantages of outsourcing to a US based company and workforce.

  1. Lower Cost of Document Shipping – Coleman Data Solutions has a lower cost of shipping documents within the United States, and in particular, in the regional area surrounding Ohio. Our fleet of vans runs weekly routes to all major Ohio cities. In fact, if you are near an existing route, or if your project is big enough, there will be no additional charge for the pick-up and drop-off of your documents.
  2. Native Workforce – While many people overseas also speak English, their native English is often a variation from someone that is local, which may cause some issues in interpreting data that is harder to read. For example, handwritten names and addresses can be processed much more accurately and efficiently by native English speaking operators.
  3. Local Support – Many companies feel strongly about seeing their money spent in the local economy, and working with Coleman for your data entry needs puts money back into the community.
  4. Coleman is Non Profit – Coleman Data Solutions is owned by Coleman Professional Services, a non profit behavioral healthcare company. Revenue from all projects goes to support behavioral healthcare in Ohio.
  5. Security – Many companies that choose Coleman for their data entry outsourcing needs do so because working with US company means your document travel less distance and this decreases the odds of theft or accidents. Some Coleman clients choose Coleman specifically because the law dictates that their data is not allowed to leave the state or country. In addition, growing US compliance regulations put up barriers to off shoring.

Another benefit of working with an entirely US based provider is that it is much easier to visit the people that will be handling your data. You can be assured that you a hiring a transparent company, not a broker company that is farming your work and company information out to multitudes of locations for processing.

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